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January 15, 2014 a picture a week, life

this was originally posted on january 7, 2014, due to a glitch we are reposting 01 and 02 of 52…

“a portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

chloe: starts the year age 14, a freshman in high school.  a rare moment where she is just hanging with us in bed.

caleb: age 12, seventh grade.  chicago blackhawks, need i say more.

cashin: age 6, kindergarden.  helping mom bake cookies, a sponge for knowledge.

brig: age 3, pre-school.  the two things he loves: being naked and playing with legos.

freya: age 2.  freshly painted pink nails, in her pink jammies, playing with her playmobil nursery set, she’s all girl.

a few years ago, i wanted to do a photo of the day of each of the kids.  at that time, with just three kids, i couldn’t commit to a daily project.  when philan was pregnant with cashin, we did a picture a week, which was fun putting it all together watching her belly grow, but that was one picture a week in the same location, for nine months.  although we do shoot our kids a lot, i’ve never taken the time to shoot each one, individually, on a regular basis.  it is going to be a great documentation of their individual growth and change, and it will be fun to look back at when it is complete.  one photo of each of our five kids for a year is 260 photographs.  and so it begins… enjoy.

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