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August 21, 2017 a picture a week, life

in 2014, we did a year of pictures of our kids, posting one portrait a week of each of them. when the year ended, we had an amazing collection of pictures of each of our kids. it was incredibly rewarding, but it was also exhausting. a few weeks ago, i went back through that year of pictures and realized how memorable it was to look through a year of growth. this morning, when the kids headed our the door to start a new year of school, i decided it was time to begin this project again. so we’re starting this year at week 34 and moving on from there. chloe is in school full time in madison this year and caleb is spending the year in gurnee, so most of this years’ posts will be of the littles. here we go… enjoy.

“a portrait of our children, once a week, in 2017”

chloe: 18 years old, college student

cashin: 9 years old, 4th grade

brig: 7 years old, 2nd grade

freya: 5 years old, kindergarten

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