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a wedding, a hockey game, a fun evening

April 4, 2009 life, wedding

This past Saturday was a busy night at the Rockford Ice Hogs game.  After listening to our daughter’s class sing the National Anthem, we watched a hard hitting game between the Ice Hogs and the Milwaukee Admirals.  We also attended an on-ice wedding, touched the Stanley Cup, and laughed as Cashin flirted with some of the players’ girlfriends.  It was a great night, here are some of the captured highlights.icehogs-0004icehogs-0002icehogs-0005icehogs-0011icehogs-0001icehogs-0007icehogs-0010icehogs-0012icehogs-0006icehogs-0003icehogs-0013icehogs-0008

Three generations of the Tokarz hockey family and of course, the Stanley Cupicehogs-0009

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