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angie & jeremiah

January 20, 2011 engagement

we first met angie & jeremiah last year when we hosted the 2010 boastful bride competition.  although angie couldn’t boast as the winner of the competition, she was still able to boast more than anyone else after her engagement session with jeremiah.  we did the whole session in downtown rockford where there is plenty of brick to shoot with.  from brick walls to piles of brick to cobblestone streets, it’s everywhere, and we love it.  we can’t wait to show you their wedding which rocked… for now, here’s there engagement session – p.s. for all of you brides to be, we love it when you bring more than one outfit… enjoy.

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  1. oh…. and the last picture where the shot is taken looking up at us…. aaron was definitely laying in about a million dead bugs to get the right angle. we knew he was a keeper!

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