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aaron’s the calm, cool, level headed one. i’m fly by the seat of my pants and a bit neurotic at times. he thinks doing the laundry is putting all the clothes i washed from the bed to the floor at night and back on the bed in the am. i want things done yesterday, while he’ll start to think about doing them tomorrow. i’m quite shy, he’s by far the center of attention. you don’t want to hear me sing… but aaron, he can rock it out. we each have our quirks but we’re perfect together.


and together is the way we do things at white shutter. from shooting weddings to playing hockey, but not on the same team because he would skate circles around me. together, we have four wonderful children that drive us absolutely nuts and we love every… well maybe not every… minute of it! but we wouldn’t have life any other way 🙂


we are aaron & philan and together we make white shutter. shooting weddings is a lot of fun for us. it’s kind of like date night every saturday. we get to spend the day together and with our wonderful clients on the one of the happiest days of their lives. our clients become our friends and so we feel like part of your family, which we hold very dear. so don’t be surprised if you find us tearing up during the speeches!


we want to take a quick minute to introduce ourselves to Western North Carolina.  We had been based in upstate Illinois for the past 10 years and this past October, we moved to Barnardsville, North Carolina.  We cannot wait to become a vital part of the Asheville wedding photography collective.  we are photojounalists.  let us know how we can do for you.  Love, Aaron & Philan