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betsy & randy…

February 3, 2014 wedding

take a moment and look at the first picture again.  love.  this picture shows the connection, the intimacy, the love.  and if you look at it closely, it probably isn’t the most technically correct picture, the focal point was on betsy’s shoulder instead of her eyes, some would comment that they are a bit too centered, or a bit too far right.  i look past that and see a moment captured that can summarize their entire wedding day in one picture.  i love me job.

i’m going to jump around a bit here, because as i look back at betsy & randy’s wedding, so many great memories come to mind.  her black dress, oh my.  absolutely stunning is how i would describe betsy.  randy was looking quite good as well, and surprised betsy with a serenade by his kids while he played the newly learned ukelele.  the combined shots of betsy’s dad, standing in his living room, welcoming their 27 guests while betsy listened in from the bedroom door she grew up in.  their ceremony was performed by betsy’s brother and after that it was time for some family fun.  we took some less-traditional family shots in the front yard, and then headed to a near by wheat field for some killer shots.  as you know, we love fields.  after that, it was an evening of good wine, great food, and fabulous fellowship.  what a great way to get married.  enjoy.


ceremony: betsy’s parent’s house

reception: betsy’s parent’s house

catering: five forks

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  1. What a wonderful way to start the week! I was just recommending you the other day for a wedding. I told them you don’t just take pictures, you capture the emotion in the moment and day. Thank you for being so passionate in what you do….Betsy

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