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brownie 127 mm film…

August 31, 2011 wedding

last month, athena & jonathan’s wedding featured everything vintage.  we had to join in the fun so we grabbed a few of our vintage film cameras and brought them with.  you may recall seeing a shot of them using the cameras for props.  well, we also got film for our 1950’s brownie holiday flash camera.  we shot two rolls that day and some turned out better than others… we sent them out to richard photo lab in california (the only place we could find to develop 127mm film).  we got the proofs back today.  i love this one soooooo much, i just had to share.  everything about this shot works for me.  the buildings in the background, athena’s dad’s 1939 ford tudor, her hair, her dress, his uniform, the way they’re looking at each other.  i love it.  thanks athena & jonathan again for letting us be a part of your day.  enjoy.

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