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fighting fires

January 31, 2011 life

on saturday, philan was out with chloe and caleb; cashin was at disney on ice with grandma susan; and colden & i were playing at home.  once again, i heard a fire truck roll down the street.  it’s a usual occurrence, as one of the neighbors always seems to be falling down, or getting disoriented.  most of the time, i look out the window and watch as the stretcher is slowly walked up to one of the neighboring houses, and a few hours later, i’m on my way to the hospital to give someone a ride home.  this time was different though.  when i looked out the window, there was a fireman, in his full fire fighting attire, yanking hoses from the truck into the street.  so, i grabbed my camera, put colden by the front door with a sippy-cup and ran out into the snow.  our front yard was thick with smoke and more firetrucks were filling the street.  three houses down, the roof was on fire.  it had already broken through from the attic and flames were leaping towards the sky.  alright, so i’m a bit dramatic telling a story.  we learned from the fire captain that the resident and her daughter ran out when they smelled smoke and no fire fighters were hurt while fighting the fire.  just makes you take a minute to be grateful for what you have.  and to be thankful to the men and women that keep us safe every day.

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  1. These are fantastic pictures!! Brett mentioned there was a fire and Rome and my first response was “what’s the address?!”. Thanks for the GREAT blog and I’ll be sure to share it with all our firefighter friends! Once again…job well done!

  2. We’re going to need some copies of these for Miles’ fire book. (I like the one with just the hose!) He’s always loved firefighters & fire trucks. I started a photo book that’s filled with pictures.
    The one with the daughter of the home just broke my heart. Her interview for the news was equally heartbreaking!

  3. Wow Tokey…great pics! Gonna share the link with one of my friends that takes pics for the Huntley area. Very nice..keep em coming!

  4. These photos remind me of why I married a firefighter and have two sons that followed in their dad’s footsteps…….these reflect the true emotions of a firefighter and the fire’s victims…..WONDERFUL job!

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