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jennifer & nick…

June 7, 2017 wedding

i have a love/hate relationship with culling images.  it’s actually more of a hate/love relationship.  i hate the tediousness of culling from 3000 pictures down to finding the 700 or so that summarize a couple’s wedding.  i hate wondering if i selected the right images to tell the story.  but i love it as well.  i love seeing people for who they are.  i love their emotion.  i love their individualities.  as a couple and as individuals.  i love that we get an extremely personal glimpse into what it makes them tick.  what brings them together.  i love jennifer & nick.  our relationship began in our first meeting in our office in rockford.  our relationship blossomed while spending time with nick and his brother.  seeing the way he looked out for and cares for his brother was inspiring.  our relationship went in to overtime when we spent the rest of the morning with jennifer.  she has a charisma and beauty that are hard to come by these days.  then you mesh them together and sparks fly.  we had such an amazing time learning from these two: they are who they are, and they love every minute of it… enjoy.

two of my favorite images of the year are from this wedding.  care to try to figure out which two?   

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