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jessica & mat…

June 21, 2012 wedding

a few months ago, we got this wild idea in our head to do a stylized shoot.  we wanted to show off some different styles and looks for a wedding.  so we go a hold of lauren wave weddings | special events and started bouncing ideas off each other.  when it finally came to fruition last month, we decided on a bohemian themed wedding.  we love how our good friends jessica & mat interact as a couple and besides that, she’s got great hair!  we asked and they agreed.  they did amazing.  when we mentioned succulent bouquets to deb & erin over at event floral, they jumped right in and came up with some absolutely breathtaking displays of their talent.  everybody knows we love cake, but again, something different for this shoot.  so we stopped over at the farmers market and picked up some pies from kate’s piehole records.  we’re listing as many of the details as we can below, but if you need any additional information, just ask us.  we hope you feel inspired.  enjoy.


pallet table & decor: lauren wave weddings | special events

table flowers: lauren wave weddings | special events

flower pots: poska

chairs: restoration hardware

display case: white shutter personal collection

cake stands: white shutter personal collection

pies: kate’s piehole records

bouquets: event floral

boutonniere: event floral

bride’s gown: bhldn

bride’s necklace: poska

groom’s suit: personal collection

groom’s bow tie: jos a bank

groom’s socks: j crew

groom’s shoes: personal collection



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  1. I don’t like having my picture taken. Despite our friendship with them, I was anxious about being a focal point in the photographs. It was different with Aaron and Philan. They worked with such ease and comfort that I quickly felt content. They had the ability to make me feel like I was doing everything right (when I’m sure I wasn’t) which only lifted my nervousness. Mat and I thoroughly enjoyed our time that evening. Thank you for this opportunity.

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