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jessy & danny…

December 16, 2011 wedding

we met jessy & danny a couple of years ago, while our 10 year old caleb was playing hockey with their son nathan.  it was an interesting start with our friendship because caleb actually played against nathan, which means that instantaneously, danny & i were arch rivals.  after all, opposing coaches of mighty-mite hockey teams aren’t suppose to get along.  and in the grandstands (actually they’re more like mini-stands in mighty-mites), how could philan ever become friends with that girl over there cheering for nathan?  well… the first time i spent some time with danny was when we played on the same hockey team together, we connected.  it was an instant friendship.  and the first time philan chatted with jessy, same thing.  as a matter of fact, we are all great friends now.  and when they’re not traveling the midwest with nathan’s traveling hockey team and when we’re not busy having babies, we love to meet up for some fellowship.  its funny how people end up in your lives.  so when we found out that jessy & danny were getting married, we knew we would be part of their day.  lucky for us, we got to capture it while we relished in it (i think the last picture sums up our fun…).  enjoy.


ceremony & reception: anderson japanese gardens

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