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just one… 2015

July 6, 2015 a picture a week

last year, it was “a portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014.”  it was an amazing experience, and an all time consuming project.  when 2015 rolled around, i just didn’t have the energy to do it… but yesterday, when we dropped cashin off at summer camp for a week, i grabbed the camera.  when we got there, he was off and running so quick that i missed the chance to grab even one shot of him.  it was then that i realized how quickly they are all growing up.  so i took a moment, found cashin, and grabbed one of each of the kids for this week… oh my how they have grown.  enjoy.

kids 07052015-0001 kids 07052015-0002 kids 07052015-0003 kids 07052015-0004 kids 07052015-0005

chloe: just a month shy of 16, purple is this summer’s color, and she’s rockin’ it.

caleb: way closer to being a young adult than just an older kid.

cashin: stoked to be going to camp again.

brig: a little too grown up for being only 5.

freya: always the princess, always in pink, always smiling.

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