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franchesco's for a perfect reception.  thanks again meredith and tim, we had a great time... enjoy. ">

meredith & timothy

May 19, 2010 wedding

a quick little story about how we met meredith and timothy.  when meredith first emailed me about shooting her wedding, we were unavailable.  philan and i are part of our children’s PTO and had signed up to run the fun fair at school.  the fun fair was on meredith’s wedding date, so unfortunately we had to turn her down.  meredith emailed us again a few months later asking if her wedding date had become available.  again, we had to turn her down.  when meredith stalked us for the third time, i called her to find out a bit more about her wedding day and why she was so adamant to have white shutter shoot her wedding.  meredith explained that we were her first choice for a photographer.  she tried out another photographer for her engagement photos, but there was no chemistry between them and her pictures didn’t turn out well.  i told meredith that i couldn’t promise anything, but she should come in and sit down and we should talk more in person.  well, that was all it took.  meredith and i got a long great and when she told me about her plans for her wedding, she was so excited that i knew we had to be a part of her wedding.

so, a few weeks ago, i got the privilege of being a part of meredith and timothy’s wedding while philan ran the fun fair.  behind every great man is an amazing woman.  thanks dear for running the fun fair (with a 101° fever and feeling like death…).  i started with meredith and her bridesmaids and then we met up with the guys on calving park where the flowering trees were in full bloom.  it started to rain, but that didn’t stop them from getting close under umbrellas for some fun group shots.  when the rain really started coming down, we dried off in the brewhouse building before heading to the ceremony at the church by the side of the road.  we ended the evening at franchesco’s for a perfect reception.  thanks again meredith and tim, we had a great time… enjoy.

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  1. The pictures turned out beautiful…sometimes stalking pays off and in our situation I’m so proud of myself for not giving up on you after you had told me twice that you were booked! Thank you so much for capturing the precious and unforgettable moments and memories of our special day. A special thanks to Philan for tackling the fun fair!

  2. A beautiful couple, a beautiful day, and beautiful pictures to remember it all! Glad to be a part of your day!

  3. The pictures turned out wonderful. Aaron did a wonderful job on the pictures and I would recommend him to everyone. Everyone who has seen the picture on the stairs cannot stop talking about how beautiful that picture is. The wedding turned out to be a wonderful day and White Shutter Photography was able to capture the day in an amazing way. I’m so glad that Meredith fought to get such a wonderful photographer to capture their special day that they will have to share their memories forever with family and friends.

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