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miss k

January 6, 2010 Uncategorized

as a wedding gift for her fiance, we did a boudoir session with miss k. although this was our first boudoir session, it didn’t feel that way, probably because miss k was so easy to work with. when we were all finished, miss k even agreed to a little interview about her boudoir session. here’s a peek at our session and if you want more information about our boudoir sessions, just shoot us an email.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0007how did you prepare for your boudoir session? i had mixed emotions. there was part of me that wanted to do something unique for my fiance, but there was a part of me that was nervous, it’s kind of awkward getting undressed in front of people you don’t know. but after i polled a couple of my friends and got some needed comfort, then it was okay. oh, and then i went shopping and got a few things for the session.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0002who are the images for? my future husband.

how do you think he will react when he sees the album that we are designing for you? very surprised (smiling). for several reasons, first of all, because it’s me in lingerie, but second and more importantly, it was a big hurdle for me.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0004can you expand a little bit about what you mean about your hurdles? every girl has issues with their body and the way we look, we all have flaws. so for me to come in and actually take my clothes off in front of somebody, and feel comfortable, was huge for me. it gave me more self esteem.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0001now that you have seen the pictures, how do you feel? when i first looked at the pictures, i went “wow.” i don’t look that bad. i’m much more confident about the way i look now.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0003can you describe the experience of the boudoir session and how you felt when you left? coming into it, i was extrememly anxious and nervous, but when i was done and left, i was surprised how easy it was. after the first ten minutes, i was much more relaxed. when i left, i though that it was a lot of fun. i had fun doing it and i’ve told everyone i know how enjoyable it was.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0009what do you think about your pictures? i really like them. of course, being a girl, i was able to pick out my flaws, but the majority of them, 99% of them, i really liked. they made me feel good about myself.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0006what is your favorite pictures? the ones with the black and white background.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0008can you describe yourself and how you were feeling? well, in the picture, it appears that i am completely nude, yeah, completely nude. and i think that is what i like about it. it appears that i am nude but still leaves enough to the imagination.

Rockford Boudoir WSP -0005finally, is there anything you wanted to add about what made it fun or enjoyable? knowing that i was doing it for him, a gift that he wouldn’t be expecting and that he would really like. especially the personal touches that we added to the pictures. and you guys. you guys are so easy going. you made it fun, really. your wife made it a blast for me, oh, and a couple of mimosas helped.

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  1. Oh I love this! You did such a wonderful job and it’s great to here some first hand experience. I’m wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot for my husband for our anniversary in October. Ill be contacting you to try to find out more information. Keep up the great work, Brittny B!

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