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our chili peppers…

July 25, 2013 life

it has been a while since we have taken any pictures of our kids.  crazy as it may seem, being photographers, sometimes other things just get in the way of the basics.  it’s the summer, so although the kids aren’t in school, every single day on the calendar is packed full.  from swimming lessons, to hockey games, days at the park, camps, household projects, mini-vacations, not to mention all of the business work.  well, in the past two days we finished up editing several family sessions that we did in the past few weeks and that is when it hit me, that i haven’t been chasing the kids around the background lately.  chloe and caleb were out and about, but i did manage to grab the three little ones.  so here’s cashin, brig, and freya.  they are our chili peppers, as in red hot chili peppers.  why?  well, they love the band, they saw them at lollapalooza last year, and as of last night, they’ve both got some fresh ink.  oh and photo credit goes to brig for the last picture.  enjoy.  

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