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sarah & paul

September 20, 2009 wedding

i have known sarah’s family since i was five years old, so shooting her and paul’s wedding meant a lot to me.  i want to first start by saying thanks to mr. and mrs. erickson for being an influential part of my upbringing.  you may have seen sarah and paul when we did their engagement session back in may 2009, if you missed it, be sure to check it out.  we started in the erickson’s back yard with family portraits.  then we headed to heartland community church for their ceremony and finally to thunder bay grille for dinner.Petrovic-0008Petrovic-0010Petrovic-0007Petrovic-0006Petrovic-0001

sarah wore both of these shoes on her wedding day.  the boots in backyard for pictures and the liz baker’s for the ceremony.Petrovic-0004Petrovic-0005Petrovic-0009Petrovic-0002Petrovic-0003i absolutely LOVE this picture of sarah and paul.

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