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sarah & paul

May 17, 2009 engagement

Last Friday, I met up with Sarah and Paul in DeKalb on the NIU campus where they met.  Several of the buildings on campus have special meaning to them, so they gave me a tour and I shot away.  I have known Sarah’s family since I was 5 years old, so this shoot meant a lot to me.  We can’t wait to join them in celebrating their wedding this coming September.  I’ll start this blog with a shot of Sarah and Paul in the hallway just outside of the room they met in.  Oh, and I am especially looking forward to Mr. Erickson’s comments…petrovic-0037-editpetrovic-0150-editpetrovic-0169petrovic-0187petrovic-0098-editpetrovic-0159petrovic-0217-editpetrovic-0071petrovic-0277petrovic-0174-1petrovic-0287-editpetrovic-0137

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  1. The pix are lovely! Very creative, I like seeing both the color and black and white shots. You guys look so happy. I can’t wait ’til Sept. I look forward to more great photographic art to capture those wonderful moments.

    Aunt “C.J”

  2. I love the pics in the library, especially the ones with the Andre Bazin book and the one of you kissing between the stacks! Very nice poses and nice pics!

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