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things we love… adidas

April 21, 2011 life

my love for adidas started when i was a wee little lad.  i grew up playing soccer in the small town of cary, illinois and got my first pair of adidas when i was probably 6 years old.  i’m sure that i had soccer shoes other than adidas growing up, but when i got into high school, adidas was it.  soccer shoes, running shoes, and of course… the adilette.  aka, the soccer sandal.  there are knock offs, there may be other adidas sandals, but these are the original.  the original original is the dark blue and white.  still have the pair from back in the day.  all worn out, sides ripped, but the most comfy  pair i own.  i’ve now followed it up with every color they make, good thing ’cause philan loves wearing them too… enjoy.

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