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things we love… boba fett

February 17, 2011 life

i remember watching star wars iv a new hope for the first time, in a theatre with my parents when i was 4.  more specifically, i remember putting my head down behind the seat when luke, leia, han, and chewbacca were stuck in the garbage compactor, i was sooo freaked out.  well, since then, i’ve been hooked.  and if you know our little guy cashin, then you know he is just like his daddy, hooked on star wars.  and just like his daddy, his favorite character is boba fett.

when i say that i have seen star wars v empire strikes back more than 100 times, that is not an exaggeration.  without a doubt, empire is my favorite movie of all times.  after all, that movie is when we were introduced to the bounty hunter boba fett, han got frozen in carbonite, and we found out that vader was luke and leia’s dad.  if you haven’t seen any star wars movies, then get renting, and when you get to episode vi return of the jedi, don’t believe what you see, boba fett lives…

i started my boba fett collection in 1980, when i had to mail in upc symbols.  i think i checked the mailbox every day for the six to eight weeks for the little brown box.  about 15 years ago, i came across a box in the garage with all of my old star wars figures.  and sure enough, there he was, my original boba fett.  well from then on, it became on obsession.  at least i’m easy to shop for.  anyting boba fett will do.  my most prized in the collection (besides my original) is the lego boba fett in the middle, that was only available years ago in the cloud city set.

it is fun, watching star wars with my 3 year old.  he digs star wars.  and he loves boba fett… someday, i think i’ll pass the collection to him… but i’ll probably hold onto my original figure forever.

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