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things we love… coffee

April 14, 2011 life

and everything that goes along with it.  we don’t drink it every day, but a few times a week.  we’ll wake up and just think “today’s a coffee day.”  and then it becomes one.  but there’s more to this post than us just loving coffee.  it goes way beyond that.  we love anthropology.  we love the cups from anthropology.  we love how they are the perfect size, a bit bigger than the old denny’s mugs, but also not toooo big.  we love that they are “hand painted.”  we love the yellow sugar bowl from anthropology.  we love the little blue bird and matching mini-spoon.  we love the organic half & half.  we love trader joes.  we love their organic fair trade coffee.  we also love starbucks.  so we have some of that too, the decaf version.  but the thing that i think that i love the most about coffee is making two cups, so i can sit with the love of my life, relax for a few minutes, and sip on some coffee with her.  enjoy.


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