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things we love… comfort

May 4, 2012 life

comfort is key.  we’re on our feet for about 14 hours at a wedding.  that’s a lot of time to be spending walking, running, squatting, jumping, climbing, reaching, and dancing.  i realized very early that having a well made, well fit pair of shoes is key.  unfortunately, i’ve completely worn out my favorite shoes (from our trip to spain a few years back).  fortunately for me, my amazing wife feels the same about comfortable shoes (yes, she has a ton of wedding shoes to choose from but this is my blog post today so it’s all about my shoes).  for my birthday this year, she grabbed me a pair of black cole haan shoes.  lucky for me, she wears the same size shoes so it makes it easy for her to buy me shoes.  well, also lucky for me, nike air teamed up with cole haan this year and let me tell you, these babies are all comfort.  the black ones were cool, but every once in a while, you gotta grab a fun pair of shoes too… hence the brown and blue ones.  enjoy.

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