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things we love

September 9, 2010 life

we know a lot about our clients.  we spend time in meetings with them, on engagement sessions, planning weddings, shooting weddings…we know A LOT about our brides & grooms.  we thought it would be cool to help you get to know us.  so this week, we’re starting a weekly thursday blog post called “things we love.”  every thursday, we’re going to give you a little information about us.  obviously we’ll include a picture and usually there will be some background or explanation… so lets get started.

oberweis milk…simply the best.  with 4 growing kids, not to mention philan & i, we go through a lot of milk.  and if you’re gonna be drinking a lot of it, you might as well be drinking the best.  there’s just something better about the taste of milk out of a glass bottle.  the added benefit is that oberweis producers add no rBGH hormones (don’t tell the kids).  so if you ever stop over, of course we’ll offer you something to quench your pallet… and if you have never tried oberweis, we’ll fill your glass, there’s always a few extra gallons in the fridge.

oh, and could someone please try to convince oberweis to build a store out here in rockford, their ice cream is to die for…

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