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yo ho, me hearty, yo ho!

November 19, 2014 life

for every birthday, for every child under our roof, for 15 years, philan has thrown a party.  let me rephrase that last word… she has thrown an over-the-top-themed-birthday-party.  there has been bugs, indiana jones, bowling, outdoor overnight camping, star wars, water balloon, fear factor, the list goes on.  the parties are amazing but we get so busy finishing up the last minute details that i usually forget to grab a camera.  not this year.. to celebrate cashin turning seven, the theme was pirates.  so on sunday, a bunch of 7-year-old swashbucklers invaded and turned our home into a pirate lover’s dreamland.  pirate cupcakes, pirate vests, eye patches, tattoos, rotten teef, pirate ships, stripes and more stripes, even pirate booty.  for lunch, they were served up pirate teeth, cheesy ocean shells, and parrot legs… to say it was a bit crazy is an understatement… once everyone headed home, the two resident pirates chilled together playing a little bit of modern video game fantasy pirates… aka skylanders… enjoy.

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