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an american engagement…

July 18, 2011 engagement, life

ok, so here’s the story.  last year, we shot courtney & drew’s wedding.  our first experiences with the spears family.  we were welcomed in with open arms, we were physically embraced, hugged, kissed.  on an extremely warm sunny afternoon last june, we became a part of the spears family.  the next time we bumped into the spears was when little brennan, the newest member of the spears family, came into this world.  he’s courntey’s sister caitlin’s little bundle of joy.  we were a part of the start of his life.  newborn pictures, followed by a great 6 month session in january.  this past april, we were honored when courtney’s other sister, erin, had us shoot her wedding.  there’s was the history, here is the future.  caitlin & brett are getting married this coming november in louisiana, so we shot their engagement a few weeks ago.  little brennan is turning one this month.  of course we’re shooting his one year pictures, but even better… we’re going to his birthday party next week.  not as photog’s but as friends, as family.  gonna pack up our fam and head over to the spears fam for an afternoon of fun.  i mentioned earlier that caitlin & brett are getting married in november, in louisiana, and you might be wondering if we’re heading down south…  we’ve been invited to the wedding and heck yeah we’re going.  we’re actually going to a wedding as invited guests.  it is so wonderful to be included in another chapter of the spears family.  so the question is, are we bringing cameras???  it is a spears wedding in louisiana… we might have to sneak them away for a little bit to do a quick session to share with you…

last night (actually it was early this morning), i was finishing up editing caitlin & brett’s engagement pictures.  i came across this one.  it was underexposed and was before we really got started at this location, but there was something about their expressions that grabbed me.  so i bumped up the exposure and brightness in lightroom and left the grain.  hidden behind the darkness was this image.  of course there’s a bunch of really great ones from their session of them laughing, kissing, hugging.  but i really like this picture.  they are so natural, so relaxed.  i just figured i’d share.  enjoy.

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  1. Anna – Wow!!! The pictures are cantpvatiig. Its amazing how children like these can inspire you just from a picture. My favorite after looking many time is the first one ..I felt like this is what Peter Pan would look like as a little boy.

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