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brian & danny…

May 3, 2012 engagement

when i met brian & danny, they told us that they loved how we capture couple’s emotion, and that is what drew them to us.  well, i think we accomplished that with them in their engagement session and cannot wait to be a part of their wedding later this year.  it is going to be amazing.

we were bouncing off ideas for brian & danny’s session for where to shoot… sinnissippi bike trail, their house, a random park.  and then it hit them.  a friend of theirs has an amazing piece of property on the outskirts of rockford that had a few outbuildings and plenty of open space. and better yet, they spend a lot of time at the house so the location definitely means something to them.  what a perfect spot so show off love.  speaking of love, i want to chat a little bit about the joy of seeing how someone who loves us looks at us when we’re not looking.  think about that for a second.  how do you look at your significant-other when they aren’t looking.  and how do they look at you?  the only way you know is by seeing it.  when danny saw the first picture here of brian looking at him, his response was perfect.  he loved it.  he had never really seen how brian lights up when he looks at danny.  i love it.  i absolutely love brian’s look in the first shot of their engagement session. enjoy.


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  1. Aaron – Love these photos…as always you captured the love they have for each other!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos! You captured the essence of them as individuals and a couple. Love – that is what it’s all about. 😉

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