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June 3, 2009 life

A few weeks ago, Cashin and I took our first camping trip together. We drove down to Starved Rock State Park, stayed in a tent as it thunder-stormed through our first night, and spent the next two days hiking through the canyons. Being there brought back special memories for me, reminding me of when I was little, camping and hiking with my dad in the same State Park.  I wasn’t going to put these up, but when I looked through them today, I just couldn’t resist.cashin-0008cashin-0003cashin-0001cashin-0007cashin-0005cashin-0010cashin-0002

Um dad, we’re not sleeping in that thing again are we?cashin-0006cashin-0011cashin-0004

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  1. You bring out the beauty in the life around you. Truly you are gifted in sharing that beauty with others. Thank you.

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