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simply, a salad

July 23, 2010 life

we thought we would switch gears in the midst of wedding season and give you a glimpse into our daily life. a few months ago, we planted our little backyard garden. our romaine and red leaf lettuce came up quick and plentiful, so we grabbed some from the garden for lunch. you see, we’re lucky enough to work from home, so we get to surround ourselves with our kids all day long. while colden brig cleaned the floor, cashin and i got working on the salad. cashin absolutely loves the salad spinner so as soon as everything was washed up, he went to town. that little boy would spin salad for an hour if you let him. philan grabbed some fresh vegetables from our local farmers market and put the finishing touches on our crab meat salad. and of course, to top off a perfectly healthy salad is the dressing…a totally unhealthy mix of ranch and italian, but it sure is tasty.  enjoy.

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  1. This Organic food lover & Vegan LOVES your pictures! YEA for whole foods! Looking forward to seeing more. Is that hearts of palm on top of the salad?

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